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Moregeek Entertainment's core services includes consumer product development and technical development platform production. We are composed of an outstanding team which strives for excellence.

Creativity = We have a thorough understanding of industry trends, able to provide new and exciting experiences.
Socialization = Using social customs as a base, we produce novel interactive opportunities.
Diversity = We have outstanding technical capability and a team of dedicated customer-oriented problem solvers.

Moregeek~More Fun~

Our Mission: Crafting innovative gaming experiences for the modern audience.

▶ We have a highly accomplished R&D team and unique technologies to be used to produce world-class games!

▶ We produce fun cross-platform games for world-wide audience.

▶ We provide a complete operating platform, greatly decreasing cost and risk of operating cross-platform games.

▶ We're able to think globally and provide customized game development services to partners across the world.


The world's first Next-MOBA game. Battle against your friends anytime, anywhere.

▌ Game Type:Strategy game , MOBA game
▌ Platform:Web , iOS , Android
▌Game Feature:
Heroes of Unrealm is a strategic action game possessing next generation MOBA gameplay. Its core is PVP and PVE battles taking place in miniaturized MOBA environment, along with hero collection and leveling. It has an easy-to-understand control scheme that draws in casual and medium skill-level players and its profits are derived from an in-game store and complementary game services based on a free-to-play model. Heroes of Unrealm is a MOBA game that can be played in short bursts, a perfect fit for the more casual players.

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Through a fantastic combination of level design and action role-playing,
design your own level and spread creativity.

▌ Game Type:Action, Level Design
▌ Platform:iOS , Android , Window Phone
▌Game Feature:
Orbit Summoner combines level creation, action gameplay and group-based competition as cores to allow players to become guardians of their own world, able to call up hundreds of monsters and maps as ingredients and combine them in meaningful and entertaining ways. A large number of equipment and skills are also available for the players to customize their hero, producing a deeply tactical game of base defense and enemy base invasion that is always fresh.


Unleashing a revolutionary animated card game with cinematic battle presentation -
Unlimited Three Kingdoms!

▌ Game Type:Animated Card & Strategy Game
▌ Platform:iOS , Android
▌Game Feature:
Unlimited Three Kingdoms is a game that uses bone-animation, cinematic presentation, and social mission structure as its core. Players can level up dynamic generals into advanced and powerful individuals and through its social features find allies to help collect special material that results in unique weapons for their own generals. During battles, specific general combinations will result in exciting special battle tactics that decimates the enemy forces. Unlimited Three Kingdoms is an exciting game which not only allows players to experience engaging battles in the Three Kingdoms era but also does it in a never-before-seen manner that's bound to thrill the everyday gamer.


Run, don't let the Twilight devour you!

▌ Game Type:Action Role-Playing Game
▌ Platform:iOS , Android
▌Game Feature:
League of Twilight uses the anti-hero as a central theme to give players the opportunity to control cute and beautifully-designed characters in exciting action-adventure settings. In addition, there is an elaborate collection of equipment, cards, buffs, and appearences for the players to experiment with and to indulge in to their desires. The game also hosts a guild and friend systems that provides countless opportunity for players to have a fun time adventuring with each other.

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